Hey, I’m

Amanda Bedzrah

Wife to Francois and a mother to three beautiful children. I love writing and I have been writing since I was a little girl.

My ambition has always been to become a full-time author and to reach as many women as I can with life-changing books.

Writing comes so easily to me.

When I write, I enjoy every minute of it.


I am a prayer minister, an inspirational speaker and an NHS professional. I am passionate about seeing people restored and living a full life beyond salvation. I am a passionate bible teacher who uses practical examples to teach godly principles, a Law Graduate (LLBs Hons) from the University of Wolverhampton, a Prince 2 Practitioner, and also certified in Business Analysis Practice.

I am the founder and CEO of Empower a Woman, a registered UK-based non-profit organisation that is set up to meet the needs of vulnerable women. I also run ‘Activate the Real You’ an online ministry that has been set up with the mission “To point Christians to Jesus so He can RebuildRepair and Revive those who are hurting and broken-hearted. To help Christians rediscover their true identity in Jesus so they can be restored and live a life of purpose, becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ”. Our ministry scripture is Isaiah 61:3-4.

I saw my brother’s dead body when I was only 12 years old. He was my best friend and my hero. I was with him at home moments before he died, and when I heard he had died in the hospital, I ran all the way there and uncovered his dead body. I had to see him for myself to believe it. His death introduced my little heart to an inexplicable pain. I was broken, and I was afraid.

At 28, I remembered I was sexually abused as a child. That was another of the many traumatic things I had faced in life. My life was a roller coaster of pain, trauma, and bad choices. I put my story about my abuse and how I overcame that into my first book which was self-published in January 2016 titled ‘The Love That Set Me Free (Finding God in the midst of pain and brokenness)’. The book was well received and the feedback has been amazing.

I have experienced so many trials and I have been resilient through it all, even though it has not been easy, I know where I am today is by God’s grace.