I love how God teaches me everyday lessons in such practical ways. This is such an exciting part of my life because I get to understand God through everyday scenarios and more importantly, it makes it easy for me to share with you and teach you Gods truth in ways you can relate to and understand.

Over the years, God has taught me many lessons but there are 5 deeply impacting revelations and I shared these as a chapter in my book – The Love That Set Me Free.

I called these lessons “My Conversations with the Holy Spirit”.  I want to take each lesson and talk about them in some more detail.

Lesson 1

I was driving my children to school one morning when I noticed a car broken down on the side of the road. It was on a major one-way system and had caused some significant delays.

As I drove past, there was a man waiting by the car alone, on the phone. I assumed that he was calling his car breakdown service.

I thought no more of it and carried on my journey. After dropping the kids at school, I decided to do some shopping before heading home.

I spent another hour or so and eventually started to make my way home. As I drove on the other side of the road, I noticed the broken down car was still on the road, and the man was sitting on the edge of the railing.

It must have been at least two hours since I first saw him there, yet he was still waiting to be helped.

I thought to myself, If there were children in that car, there is no way he would have been kept waiting for that long; it would have become a priority, in some cases an emergency.

I remembered when my boiler broke down one cold winter morning, I called my service provider and was told they were very busy but that they aimed to send someone out within 48 hours and could not be specific with the time.

I got off the phone very upset. What were we supposed to do without heating for that long? Who was going to be stuck in waiting for the engineer to come out? I told my husband what happened and he asked “did you tell them we had 3 young kids in the house”?

I didn’t realise that was vital information. I didn’t think that it would make a difference. The lady I spoke to on the phone sounded so busy and was very adamant that there was nothing she could do.

Anyway, I did call back and simply said we couldn’t wait for up 49 hours without any heat because we have 3 young kids and 1 of them is asthmatic.

As though that was a magic word, I was told my boiler would be fixed within 4 hours. I couldn’t believe it. How did it suddenly become an emergency?

The truth is when there are children involved things suddenly change and become a priority. There is no way that man would have been left waiting on the road side for over 2 hours with kids in the car.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit whispered to me:

The children of God are always a priority. When there is a problem with a child of God, it is always an emergency. You may not see it, you may not know it, but all of heaven is working to see the children of God protected.

Wow, what a revelation. I instantly felt warm inside, I felt loved, protected, and assured. I felt privileged. My loving father regards my needs as a 999 emergency.

As children of God, we are His priority, no matter how old we are, we are still His kids. I paused to think about it – If anything happened to my children today, no matter what else was going on, I would stop everything and run to help them.

Why do we even expect anything less from God? A God who loves us so much he sent His only son to die for us (John 3:16) Our loving Father will surely make us His priority.

Recognise this truth. Whatever it is you are going through, know that you are Gods priority.

Maybe God doesn’t answer your prayers when you want Him to or how you want Him to. But our God is never late and He does work all things out for our good, in His time which is always the right time.

Because we are His kids, we would never be left on the road side for hours. NO WAY! We are His priority.