In my early parenting years, one of the highlights of my week was taking my kids to an indoor play centre.

These places are purpose built to allow kids to run riot and wear themselves out. Ironically, one of the places I often visited was called Wear ‘Em out.

It’s really a good place for parents to relax and let off steam as, for a few hours, the kids are in a confined and controlled environment with a lot of activities.

I can have a coffee, cake and a chat with friends I’ve gone with or friends I’ve met there. Maybe one day I would admit I only went there for their toffee cake, but hey I like to think it was the added bonus. Fine, I miss that cake. My waist doesn’t.

It was one of those stressful holiday days. It was cold and dark and the kids were just over excited, so I decided to go to an indoor centre alone with the kids. I needed some me time. (Cake).

The kids were playing on the slides whilst I sat reading my book, sipping my cup of herbal tea and thoroughly enjoying my toffee cake.

I was deeply engrossed in what I was reading until I heard “Muuummmm!” It was my older son calling out for me. My heart skipped. The whole world stopped and then moved in slow motion as I ran to him.

My older son had somehow gotten his leg tangled in the net of the wall of the climbing frame and was literally dangling of it. He was not hurt. He was more frightened than anything else.

I pulled him out, like superwoman would and went back to sit down. One of the parents asked if he was okay, and I said yes, laughing casually. I think the question was wrong though, it was my blood pressure that was climbing up and up. Ah, excuse for another cake!

I carried on with my book, and then I heard another scream; it was from another child somewhere who had done something or the other.

Yet, even though I heard the scream, my heart did not leap like it did a few minutes ago. I only turned out of concern to see what was going on but not out of a strong sense of responsibility. I didn’t respond the same way I did to my son’s voice.

But I watched another mother race quickly to respond to her child.

As I watched the scenario, I suddenly realised that although we were in a very crowded room with at least fifty or more kids talking loudly and screaming as they came down the slides with such a buzz of excitement, when my son called out for me, I immediately knew it was him; I recognised his voice.

I had all three of my children there that day, my two boys and my daughter. I was not only able to tell that it was my son who creamed mum, but I was also able to tell which son it was.

I suddenly realised that I knew my children intimately. I know the sound of their voices and their body shapes; I can tell their silhouettes in a dark room.  

I know what they are capable of saying and doing. I can walk into a room and immediately know who has dropped what where. I know their facial expressions. I know them intimately.

That has changed a bit as they’ve grown older, but I believe it was God’s way of revealing that He knows me too. I believe God wanted me to know that when His children calls he hears, he runs, he answers too.

If I, a mere human, can have such intimate knowledge of my kids, then what about our awesome God who knows every hair on our head (Matthew 10:30) a God who collects all our tears and keeps them (Psalm 56:8).

We serve a God who knows us, personally. He truly knows everything about us—our wants, needs, and desires.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because He has created us all differently, and He knows us even in that difference.

God used that experience to show me how even in the midst of this chaotic earth, He can pick out and respond to the needs of His children.

No matter how busy things get or how engrossed He may be in something else, nothing can distract Him from the sound of His child in need. Soon as you call – HE WILL COME RUNNING.

God promised us in Isaiah 65:24 (NIV) “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”  This scripture shows the amazing love filled father heart of God. He wants to answer your call – EVEN BEFORE YOU ASK!

Can you find rest in this truth? Can you trust Gods will for your life? He knows you so well and He wants to hear you. He wants to bless you.